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The popularity of working from home has grown in recent years as technology has evolved to make this a more functional possibility for many workers. Many people now work from home at least a few days each week, and this includes employed individuals with major corporations, freelancers and others.

Individuals who work from home love the convenience and efficiency associated with working out of their house. Employers can also benefit because this process can save the company money and increase employee retention. This is a trend that will likely not disappear anytime soon.

​If you plan to spend any time working from home, you need to review and possibly upgrade your home office. Ideally, this space will be as functional and practical as a typical corporate office​.

​There are now many apps available for at-home workers to use that can assist with productivity, efficiency and various forms of overall home office management.

​With a closer look at what these apps are, you may be able to easily improve your work-from-home experience in wonderful ways.

1) Shake


​All freelance workers and independent contractors need to understand the legalities of their business contracts, and you may need to prepare numerous legal documents for your clients to sign over the years. Shake is an app that can assist with this in a very convenient and cost-effective way.

​Through Shake, you can easily review and prepare legal documents for your various needs. This is a simplified platform that offers customization features, making it well-suited for most workers. There are several price plans available for you to choose from, and the app is available for both iOS and Android platforms. 

2) Slack


​Slack is a type of social media platform designed specifically to promote a remote, professional team environment. With this app, you can join or form work teams within minutes. The app allows you to share files, collaborate through chat features, message each other privately and more within each team.

​Through Slack, you and your team can easily be more efficient and productive. You can even create multiple teams for your different projects to facilitate all aspects of your daily work life. 

3) Wunderlist


​Wunderlist is a personal organization app that is designed to assist with all aspects of running a home office. For example, it allows you to complete very simple tasks, such as creating lists and setting alerts.

​Through the app, you can forward emails, time email responses, make shopping lists, pay your bills and even plan business or personal trips. Very busy individuals who work from home will love how this app simplifies and organizes their life. 

4) iMeet


​When you work from home, you may need to meet with clients or colleagues periodically. While you could rent a conference room or meet at a local coffee shop, another idea is to use the iMeet app.

​This popular app facilitates video meetings. You can set up an audio chat or a video meeting in real-time. You can also easily share documents to assist with your meetings.

​Keep in mind that multiple people can join a meeting, so you can easily create a conference-like experience through iMeet. Through this app, you can host professional meetings without having to leave the house.

5) Myows.com


​Another excellent resource to use when you work from home is Myows.com. The name of this program stands for “My Original Works,” and it enables you to easily copyright and protects your work. The program includes free online resources related to copyrights and property protection.

​While there are other similar programs available for you to use, this program is considered to be in a league of its own because of how robust and easy to use it is. You can choose between a paid or free version depending on your needs, and monthly or annual payment plans are available. 

6) Houzz.com


Home maintenance is also critical when you work from home After all, while you need to maintain your home for functionality, value and style, you also need your work area to be well-maintained. When your home office is in poor condition, your efficiency and profitability could suffer.

​The Houzz.com program is an excellent online resource that educates you about all aspects of home improvement and design. From landscaping to plumbing and more, the app and online versions are robust.

You can choose between the iOS and Android app versions to enjoy immediate access to tips, articles and more on your smartphone. This popular app currently has more than 25 million unique visitors each month. 

7) iHandy Carpenter

iHandy Carpenter

​Maintaining and improving your home office environment may be necessary from time to time, and the iHandy Carpenter is an excellent app for you to choose.

​The app features incredible functions that replace several tools that you may need to complete your office renovation projects, and this includes a surface level, a plumb bob, a protractor, a ruler and a bubble level. While this program is easy for anyone to use, it is comprehensive, functional and affordable. 

As you can see, there are many unique aspects to consider when you work from home. Everything from the design and condition of your home office space to how you will handle meetings and more should be considered.

There are numerous apps and online platforms that are designed to facilitate your work-from-home efforts.

Take time to explore some of these and other popular apps today, and start enjoying the incredible benefits they provide.

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