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Depending on the type of environment and industry a business is in, wearing work uniforms can have a powerful impact on both employees and customers.

Having a professional work uniform can really help to boost brand image by increasing brand awareness, help to create a professional business image, promote company loyalty, assist with employee security, promote team building in the workplace, and help employees dress to impress.

Although work uniforms and business dress code has become much more relaxed than it used to be, there are still many jobs that require uniform and where the uniform can help to inflict a specific message, emotion, equality or brand identity, reinforcing just how powerful uniform can be.

Some typical examples of this include services uniform such as the police, military and healthcare, as well as the sports industry where uniform plays a vital role in bringing a team together and also representing a team’s identity.

The importance of Uniforms

Whatever level you’re at and whatever business you’re working at, it’s important to feel that you dress for work appropriately and professionally on a regular basis.

When an employee feels ready and suitable for the job they’re set to do, they are more likely to succeed and feel confident in what they’re doing. In some industries, having a work uniform can help eliminate this issue and help employees feel appropriate and professional with the clothing they wear.

In some industries though, like office environments and creative industries, this isn’t always the case and might actually limit an individual’s capabilities. For example, a creative person is more likely to express their personality through their clothing. Outlined in the infographic below, designed by Positive Branding, there are some key circumstances where uniform is usually required.

Retail Uniform

Retail uniform isn’t always required but is quite commonly used, especially as it helps to promote a brand image and message. Powerful branding can result in a really powerful uniform which customers can instantly recognise.

Would you recognise Apple’s blue t-shirts in-store?

The green aprons of the employees behind the Starbucks counter? Those iconic striped shirts at Footlocker?

Branding really can create a powerful and memorable image and that branding can also be incorporated into a company’s uniform.

Sports Uniform

Sports uniform is one of the strongest industries when it comes to uniform promoting team unity and loyalty. Sports uniform has the power of inflicting pride and loyalty upon a team player. Just think how some of the world’s best football teams are represented by their football kit and iconic colours?

Tennis is known for the all-white uniforms, basketball is known for its jerseys, and many more. The uniform of sports players needs to be powerful so that both the players and spectators can see who is on which team and identify players.

Services Uniform

When it comes to service uniform, the purpose and function can vary quite dramatically to that of retail and business uniforms and could be classed as one of the most powerful types of uniform. Yes, services uniform is still used for promotional needs but it’s often the case that the uniform has been designed for a specific function.

For example, a police uniform is used to assert authority and protection and a construction uniform is designed for safety and protection. A military uniform is used for protection and for camouflage, and a fireman uniform will be designed with health and safety regulations in mind and the latest fabric technologies.

These are just some of the industries where a uniform might be either

  • Required or
  • Beneficial and there are many more, these are just some of the more obvious ones!

If thinking about uniform for your business or for personal reasons, it’s crucial in researching what industry your business falls under and whether having a work uniform will effect your business in a positive or negative way.

 Enjoy the infographic!

What Are The Benefits of Wearing Work Uniforms?


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Jonathan Wilton is Managing Director of Positive Branding. The business provides printed and embroidered clothing to businesses and organisations. Each quote is “tailored” to the clients individual needs. Follow Positive Branding on Facebook and on Twitter.

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