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There were days when MBA used to one prime choice of career options after graduation.

With the gradual advancement of technology and education thankfully the job-scape has more options than you could ever dream of.

After graduation, a student becomes a mixed bag of emotions. Amidst the other feelings, there are a couple of reflexes that keep on play in the back of the mind. 1. The joy of crossing a prime milestone of academic life. 2. What next?

Let us tell you in today’s time there is absolutely no reason to worry. There are plenty of career options after graduation that you can pursue as per your career interest. But before that, you need to go through introspection to figure out your exact strengths and weaknesses to determine the course of your interest.

Stated below are the career options which you can consider after completing graduation. We hope reading this article will help you in finding the right direction.

Top 14 Career Options That Graduates Can Choose

1. PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management)

Post Graduate Diploma in Management mostly interests graduates who have an interest in working with the corporate sector in the business development domain or setting up their own business.

The PGDM course has more emphasis on practical skill-set considering the latest development in the business world.

Not only this course makes you industry-ready but also grooms you with the best potential to achieve success in your specific business domain.

With this program, you will get trained in various subjects such as marketing, finance, human resource, operations, and information technology. The course duration ranges in 1 to 2 years.

2. Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

If you are keen on building your career in Human Resource Management and want to learn professional HR disciplines, then this one could be the best choice.

This particular program enables graduates with handling every situation in the corporate sector to maintain proper decorum.

The HR department manages valuable company assets and takes care of employees’ job comfort. The department should be aware of the workflow and the work progress of both the company as well as the employees.

The course includes the basic functions to the pro level of both HR Analytics viz. performance classification and compensation management.

Candidates who hold the PG diploma in Human Resource Management have a better likelihood to be employed as a Recruitment Coordinator, HR manager, and HR adviser.

Successful HR Directors Hacks- HR Skills Career-CV - Handle Workplace Issues

3. MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Specialized professional courses indeed have better job prospects but specialization in any particular subject can restrict you too.

A degree in MBA after graduation opens many doors of opportunity before you. Be it marketing, finance, human resources, or hospitality, the industry has a steady requirement for MBA people.

The duration of a full-time MBA course is of 2 years based on varied modules available today. The course makes you job-ready and industry-ready.

After completion of the course, it can be said that the industry is yours. The package after completing the course is substantial.

To pursue an MBA, you need to clear exams like GMAT, CAT, and the interview round. MBA transforms you into a complete professional with soft skills like task management, time management, on-point communication, client handling, and much more.

It is said to be one of the top courses to pursue after graduation. But, your pay scale depends on the credibility of the institution which you have done your course from.


Post Graduation Diploma in Event Management and Activation stands for PGDEMA. With so many career opportunities, PGDEMA is another promising career options after graduation.

This course is essentially designed for graduates who love planning and executing events. It might look like one, but organizing an event is not a cakewalk.

Event organizers should have multi-tasking ability and be creatively active at the same time. PGDEMA could be a great career option as there has a considerable growth opportunity in this field with so many big social events take place frequently these days.

Holding a certification in event management gives you many alternatives in diverse fields.

You can complete this course in1 year. After completing the course, you will get a job in reputed event management companies or even you can start your own.

5. PGDHM (Post Graduation Diploma in Hotel Management)

A Post Graduation in Hotel Management is ideal for those who see their future in the hospitality industry.

This is the best career choice to have early promotions. A PG diploma holder in hotel management needs to look after almost every segment of a hotel from the front desk to staff hiring and management.

With its gradual progress, you would also get to work with certain specialized departments such as housekeeping, catering, and culinary, along with others. People with higher skills have always been the prime need of this domain.

To acquire a managerial position a person needs to be skilled and hardworking. Any graduate can enroll in this 1-2 year-long course.

6. Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are going to gain an enormous space in the business world in no time soon. Having a dominating skill-set in this field can result in an envious career option in the coming time.

For Machine Learning an applicant needs to have mathematical, programming, and statistical knowledge.

Machine-learning will cut short human labor in many tasks to a great extent. Some real-life applications we can explore machine learning are Chatbots, Search engine result fine-tuning, Video surveillance, etc.

Possessing relevant skills in this subject will make you grab many job opportunities with high pay packages.

There are all kinds of machine learning courses; both short term ones or long term ones (post-graduation programs) available suited to individual needs.

machine learning program running on a laptop

7. PGDCA (Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Application)

If computer-related subjects match your interest, this is one of the best career options you can have.

Here you would learn about Database management, operating systems, MS Office, HTML, Internet software, and plenty of other subjects.

Computer knowledge can be an extremely desired skill in most fields. You could have many different career options after completing this program.

8. CA (Chartered Accountant) 

If you come from a commerce background then chartered accountancy can be a good career choice for you. It is a prestigious name and also, it has lucrative fiscal advantages. Becoming a Chartered Accountant one has to pass three exams namely CPT, IPCC, and CA Final.

IPCC level has 2 parts. After completing you have to do the articleship under a CA firm for two years. 

After clearing the IPCC exam and completing the articleship, a student can appear for his final exam. The Final Exam consists of 2 parts and after clearing both the parts you will be a successful CA.

The course duration is of 3 years. The salary of a CA can vary from 7-20 lakhs p.a.

CA would be a great career choice as you have numerous options to work like Tax Advisor, Audit Manager, an Investment Consultant, Entrepreneur, and many more.

9. Mobile App Development

As you all know Smartphone users are increasing in number with the passing days owing to the cheapest internet availability.

The shift from traditional to online marketing has made online a favorite spot for buying and selling products/services. People these days tend to buy things or avail services using respective mobile apps. This is the potential field where the best of the creativity joins beast techniques.

App development is a smart career choice for those who find this sector attractive. Pursuing this course can give you a rewarding career as largely services are app-driven at the present era of automation.

 In this course, you will gain comprehensive knowledge in Mobile user interface design, Backend computing, Cross-platform program development, and other related techniques.

After graduation, you can easily pursue this course as it’s one of the most popular ones.

10. Stockbroking

Stockbroking is a good career choice for a graduate in India who is looking for an exciting and challenging career in his or her life. The minimum qualification needed for this career is a graduate degree.

The minimum age to start with the stockbroking business is 21. This industry does not only employ a stockbroker but it also provides various opportunities such as financial planners, financial managers, and others.

If a person truly wishes to be a stockbroker they can opt for post-graduate in economics or trade for a fruitful career in the stock market.

There isn’t specifically any specialized course to be a stockbroker. However, a background in business management, commerce, and economics can be helpful.

11. Civil Services 

For those who have a passion for their country, they can join the civil services. It is one of the most lucrative fields. 

In this field, you get the opportunity to work for the country and its people.

It is one of the amazing opportunities, so why not sit for the examination and prove the world.

12. Digital Marketing 

The field of digital marketing is booming. It is a great career option for graduates who love working on the web.

There is a constant need for digital marketers across varied industries. Businesses need skilled digital marketers who are capable of adding to the profits of businesses. There is more demand than the presence of professional digital marketers in this field. This leads to more opportunities in this domain.

It is expected that digital marketing will be the industry of Rs. 18, 986 cr. by the end of 2020.

Some of the key job roles in this field are Search Engine Experts, Social media managers, PPC specialists, Content marketing manager, etc.

Opting for digital marketing courses will enable you with the advanced skills required in this field.

In the course, you will learn the usage of various tools and techniques used for the virtual platform thereby promoting your business online.

After course completion, you can expect to draw around 3-6 lakhs per annum.

data showing sales of online small business

13. Interior Designing 

An interior designer is an individual who needs to break down, design, and sort out projects that make spaces utilized by individuals naturally benevolent and stylishly satisfying. An Interior plan is an alluring career option for anybody with a creative soul.

The minimum educational qualification required is graduation. An interior designer selects the colors, light, and other decorative items for a space to make it beautiful yet functional.

Earning potential within this field largely depends on the work prevalence. To be an interior designer an individual may have to acquire a few certifications and licenses based on their state law.

To begin a career in interior designing a simple understanding of the field and job is needed. This can be learned by opting for an interior designing course.

To build a strong career and earn well a person should gain the maximum amount of technical knowledge as you can in this field by working under an experienced interior designer.

As an interior designer, an individual can earn approximately 50,000 rupees and more per job. As stated earlier the earning capacity increases after a few years of experience and developed skills.

14. M.Tech (Masters of Technology)

M.Tech is suitable for students who have come from a sound technical background and have insights into engineering subjects.

It is said that pursuing M.Tech after your B.Tech is always wise. After M.Tech a candidate has maximum openings across diverse fields in the industry.

A candidate will have openings for a managerial position in the leading companies. Engineers with an M.Tech degree have great market worth. The course provides a sound knowledge of engineering for boosting various technical skills.

The eligibility criteria for pursuing M.Tech is you have to have either of these academic backgrounds- B.Tech/B.E OR MCA. It takes two years to complete the course.


The above stated are a few of the career opportunities that have the highest paying jobs in India and you can choose the field you desire.

There are two aspects of any job. Either the job can be technical or creative. If you don’t want to work on the technical side you can always go for creative career opportunities. 

You can become a singer, a painter, a writer and so much more. There are endless opportunities. It only concludes with what field interests you.

Choose from the career options stated above that can make you successful in the future. 

In case you have any queries, ask us in the comments section below.

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