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Many things in life can be challenging when you are dealing with a condition like cerebral palsy. Finding a job is often one of them. Fortunately, challenges are meant to be overcome. There are many systems in place to help find jobs suited for people dealing with CP or other disabilities.

Cerebral palsy is a group of motor and neurological disorders that have effects on movement, balance, and posture. There are many different types of CP, and the severity of the condition can greatly vary from person to person. Those living with mild CP can work just as well in most fields as anyone else, while those suffering from more severe cases will find their job options a bit more limited.

Connecting Candidates With Cerebral Palsy With Employers

There are many different resources that can help job applicants with cerebral palsy connect with employers who are actively looking into hiring individuals with disabilities and willing to make reasonable accommodations.

Some of these job networks include:

While the law requires that employers don’t discriminate against qualified candidates with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act, some employers are much more open to taking an active role in ensuring that they get the best candidate for the job, period. 

The law requires that an employer provide reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities to perform their work. Many employers are already set up to provide any reasonable accommodations necessary.

Adapting to the Environment

There are many people with cerebral palsy who need very little workplace accommodations to perform their tasks. For a lot of individuals with CP, their legs are affected by their condition but not their arms, so for a wide range of jobs, as long as the work facility is wheelchair accessible, which the law requires, then they can easily do the job. 

Some people similarly will only have one arm or one half of their body affected by CP, leaving the rest of their body to function normally. These individuals are often able to excel in a wide range of jobs with very little accommodation as well.

However, there are individuals with cerebral palsy that have much more difficult challenges to work around and require further accommodations to be made. Some people with cerebral palsy are non-verbal, so co-workers may have to adapt to receiving all communication by email. 

Happy Disabled Employee-Disability

Other Helpful Tools for People with Cerebral Palsy

Many individuals with cerebral palsy will already have adaptive tools that help them in their everyday life, and those tools can greatly benefit them in the workplace as well. For people with cerebral palsy, there are many adaptive and assistive technologies available. 

If an individual has developed cerebral palsy due to a doctor’s mistake, they may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit to help cover the costs of adaptive technology. The statute of limitations for cases involving medical malpractice is different in every state, so it’s advisable to call a cerebral palsy attorney as soon as you have a diagnosis.

Of course, there are many technologies available and more in development, helping to make the possibility of a rewarding career into reality for many people dealing with cerebral palsy. 

Considering all of the above mentioned, the future regarding jobs for people with disabilities is looking optimistic and so, more and more people can dream of a career in many domains that, until now, seemed closed.

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