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Career Growth of a Salesforce Developer in 2018 | CareerMetis.com

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system has emerged out as the most promising career choice for aspiring minds across the globe.

How will CRM domain help out Salesforce developers in 2018 and many years to come? Let us explore the article to know more!

Features of Cloud-Based Salesforce CRM System

  • Salesforce CRM system was primarily deployed to the Amazon cloud services.
  • Salesforce.com is the first Company who launched its App Store in the year 2005.
  • This was awarded as the most innovative Company by Forbes for continuous four years.

Ever wondered why most of the Companies want to deliver customer-centric products. Either it is an IT firm or any other Company, everyone is trying to improve their relationships with customers somehow.

Traditionally, firms were more focused on customer acquisition that has been turned to customer retention today. The approach led to the development of CRM tools that are dedicated to customers 24/7 and able to retain customers to the maximum time.

Topic covered in this article

  • The market share and the growth of Salesforce
  • Why enterprises love Salesforce?
  • Boost your career growth with a Salesforce certification

Let us discuss on each of the topics in detail one by one so that you can be sure of why Salesforce is the most promising career choice for aspiring minds in 2018 and many years to come.

1. The Market Share & the Growth of Salesforce

The Salesforce market reached $23B in 2014, $27B in 2015, $36.5B in 2017 and expected to cross $42B in 2018.

Career Growth of a Salesforce Developer in 2018

Ranked as the leader in the cloud market, Salesforce is transforming the digital world with its unparalleled services. Salesforce has acquitted the major market share when compared to its competitors like Oracle, SAP, or Microsoft etc.

As per the Forbes report in 2017, Salesforce is growing faster than the market and earning immense value than other giant technologies.

2. Why Enterprises Love Salesforce?

Salesforce managed to remain on the top as the most preferred CRM tool over the years. The biggest reason behind the popularity of Salesforce is a broadening range of services and differently sized editions.

How can enterprises be benefitted from Salesforce?

Let us take a quick tour of major benefits that can be enjoyed from Salesforce CRM.

  • Increase in Revenue – Today, only contact management is not enough for a successful business growth but the Companies need a powerful tool that can help them retaining and acquiring potential users.

Salesforce helps Companies with all the requirements that help to manage past customer interactions, customer retentions, and acquiring new leads for your business.

Maximum Customer Satisfaction – Attaining customer satisfaction is the primary requirement and goal for any business. For this purpose, you need to deliver personalized customer experiences so that every customer should feel important and responded immediately.

The objective can be achieved with the help Salesforce CRM that help you to deliver personalized customer experiences and 360-degree customer support too.

  • ROI Amplification – Salesforce helps enterprises in multiple ways like leads generation, the anticipation of customer behaviour, and monitoring the business processes to increase the customer loyalty. All these features are leading the CRM market and helping industries to grow tremendously in decided timeframe only.

3. Boost Your Career Growth with Salesforce Certification

So, you must be sure now Salesforce is the most promising career choice for the aspiring minds. So, you are ready to launch your career in CRM space now? Wait, because you still need the right skills and certifications to go ahead.  

A Salesforce Certification is the proof of your cloud skills and boosts your career growth immensely in the CRM space.

So, how a Salesforce training and certification can excel your career?

The person with Salesforce certification had hands-on experience in different cloud technologies that makes him suitable for multiple job roles like the technical architect, project manager, administrator, developer, or programmer etc.

Secondly, a Salesforce certification promises attractive salary packages too that are equivalent or higher than big data or Java professionals. An overview of Salary packages that are given to Salesforce professionals include –

Average Salary Structure of Salesforce


Average Salary

Salesforce Technical Architect


Salesforce Consultant


Salesforce Project Manager


Salesforce Business Analyst


Salesforce Developer


Salesforce Administrator


As per the Gartner, Salesforce is the most innovative Company that is growing consistently so the demand for CRM tools will also remain competitive. And demand for more tools will surely create amazing job opportunities for aspirants.

Most importantly, Companies are in search of professionals with practical knowledge, so having a Salesforce certification is the must-have requirement for the learners.

Further, with Salesforce training and certification, you can apply for multiple job roles that increase your chances of getting hired by top MNCs.

The most important roles include the technical architect, Salesforce administrator, Salesforce developer, Salesforce programmer, Business Analyst, or Project Manager etc. All of them may have different responsibilities but working with a single objective that is attaining business goals in a decided timeframe.

Today, there are a plenty of Companies who are ready to invest in Salesforce heavily and taken it as the core parameter for the business growth. In next few years, the number of Companies who are planning to adopt Salesforce as a CRM system will expand exponentially.

So, here is the right opportunity for you to grow faster with Salesforce CRM today and near future as well.

Final Words:

From the discussion, it is quite clear how Salesforce can change your entire career graph as a development in different cloud technologies like SFDC, Salesforce1 app development, Salesforce Lightning etc.

If any industry needs data safety then Cloud is the only answer as of now and Salesforce Developers are the optimum choice to complete the job.

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