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When President Trump took over office as the president, a lot of Americans felt unsure about their future. They fear that the changes that come with his administration can cut down their wages, opportunities and jobs. Although the economy is strong, anxiety is still high over what professions and jobs are likely to benefit and which ones will experience loss. 

In case you are unsure about which career to pursue in the next coming years, here’s a quick rundown of the 5 careers that are likely to boom under the Trump administration.

1. Petroleum Engineers

Abandoned Oil Rig

It’s no secret that energy is one of the biggest industries when it comes to Republicans. For Trump who happens to be in the same political party, the demand will be of no different. In fact, it’s even possible for restrictions to be lifted and replaced with regulations that adhere to the rule of law and science. 

During the election, Trump made it clear that he’s eyeing to give more life back to the energy sector. This promises more job opportunities for careers related to oil, natural gas and coal.

He’s not likely to subsidize solar and wind energy which can make it hard for them to compete with the price of natural gas for energy, which has been on a steady low for the past 8 years. What the Trump administration is more likely to be interested in our drilling and exploration on the country’s federal lands.

In addition to that, Trump is also planning to go after the oil in the Middle East in an attempt to suppress terrorist groups. He considers taking their oil as a good way to effectively cut down their financial source.

2. Military

Military Officers Saluting

One of the pledges you might have heard Trump say during the election and his win is to rebuild the military. However, despite the dedication of the administration, two key factors can make this plan challenging: money and manpower.

For this ambitious defence buildup to happen. Trump and his defence secretary must increase job openings and opportunities for volunteers to get into the service.

In figures, Trump wants an army with 60,000 active soldiers and 12,000 additional Marines for his infantry and battalion tanks. For sailors, there’s an unspecified number of required people to man the less than 80 ships and tanks the government plans to build in the next coming years.

With these numbers, it isn’t surprising why the budget for the Department of Veterans Affairs increased by as much as 6%.

In addition to filling in the vacant positions, the budget will also be of great benefit to the veterans. Especially those that need access to doctors and other support services. They may even be allowed to consult doctors that aren’t within the restrictions of the Department of VA.

3. Correctional Officers 

One of the key central policies of the administration is to enforce stricter immigration laws and deport people who are undocumented. For this reason, you should expect detention centres and government prisons to experience an increase in their revenues. Especially since there are an estimated 11 million people that need to be moved out of the country.

On average, a correctional officer earns about $41,000. Since the industry’s job growth is expected to hit 4%, this rate may even get higher. This might not sound like a large number but considering the industry’s high turnover rate, job opportunities would surely be abundant.

Apart from that, there’s also an increase in the budget proposal for the Department of Homeland Security next year. This increase will facilitate the hiring of around 1,500 Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

4. Construction Workers

During the election and prior to taking his office, you might have heard Trump lay out his plan to invest $1 trillion in infrastructure investment. And while the idea seems too ambitious, it actually had construction companies and workers feeling more hopeful. Especially since the construction industry has been booming for the last couple of years after the recession.

This strong demand made both public and private investors interested. As a result, more firms are now showing a willingness to expand their payrolls to keep up with the demand.

And who can forget the wall Trump wants to be built?

A 2000-mile wall to stand along the border of the United States and Mexico can mean more jobs. Just imagine how much manpower that project will need. In the estimate, it’s going to cost somewhere between $15 to $25 billion.

With these numbers, construction workers aren’t the only people who’ll benefit from the plan; cement manufacturers can also earn big time from this project, in case it pushes through.

5. Lawyers

Despite the cut down in the 2018 budget for the Justice Department, lawyers, specifically civil liberties lawyers, can still experience an increase in job growth. This is a direct result of the government’s stricter rules when it comes to free speech as well as civil and constitutional rights.

One good example is the recent travel ban order. The early days of the president have made immigration lawyers extra busy attending to immigration clients looking for legal advice. Some of them even set up free in-house consultations to address the issue.

Although there’s a lot of work, the problem now is the shortage.

A lot of immigration lawyers either work alone or are small practitioners who can only accommodate a certain number of clients on limited hours each day. As a result, other lawyers are being trained in immigration law so that they can help people who are faced with deportation cases.

Just recently, the Trump administration made a decision to dismiss dozens of lawyers across the country. Most of those lawyers were held over from the previous administration and it now leaves a huge gap in the law enforcement section of the government. This action has made the shortage a lot more pronounced.

If your dream job is to be a lawyer, now is probably the right time to pursue the career. President Trump has promised to give Americans stable careers and job opportunities and he’s doing a great job keeping lawyers busy.

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Bobby Sandbach is a Petroleum Engineer who loves his career and wants to make it accessible to as many people as possible. He lives in Texas with his family (and a small zoo of animals) and works on calculating the best colleges for aspiring Petroleum Engineers.

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