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While studying in schools or colleges, students are always told to measure success according to the grades they achieve. They are always told that clearing every examination is joyous only when you are amongst the top scorers.

​Thus, when these students start their career journey with this mindset they always look for some metrics to measure their success. Many people believe that success means having a high-earning, high-achievements, and a great status in society. 

A lot of people, on the other hand, define a successful career in terms of a stable work environment, good work-life balance, and low-stress levels.

​A successful career for such people is all about recognizing your own individuality and achieving your dreams. As it is said, the real world is beyond what schools teach.

​Success differs for every individual and cannot be bound by figures or facts.

​So, how do you define success in your own ways? Here are some questions that will help you to figure out what success is to you: 

1. Do You Love Your Career?

Are you really passionate about what you do?

​A successful career should be the one that makes you feel happy while you go to work, that gives an agenda to your life, the one that is enjoyable and interesting, a career with more excitement and fewer stress levels. 

​If you are doing something which doesn’t inspire you every day then, how can you say that you are successful? 

2. Are You Really Showcasing Your Talents?

It is a Beautiful thing when a career AND a passion Come Together

Everyone has something in them with which they are very good.

​A successful career should be something where you can showcase your real talents every day in order to help your organization or society. See if you are doing something which sounds interesting and challenging to you.

​ Successful people never ignore their real passions. 

3. Are You Able to Fit into Your Job?

A successful career should be the one where you can learn something or the other every day. 

​Your learning curve should always increase. Not only this, but you should also always be an asset to your organization.

​If you are not being able to fit into the organization and help it grow further along with you then, how can you say that you are successful? 

4. Can You Make a Living to Support Yourself or Your Family?

Of course, there is no limit on how you measure your success in terms of money. 

​But, a successful career is not defined by millions of dollars or the biggest house. Rather, success is defined in terms of our ability to be independent. If you can afford all the basic amenities in life then, you can always make a way out of every situation.

​You are successful right now.

5. Are You Really Achieving What You Want?

Before answering this question you need to be clear about your goals and dreams.

​You need to think about the things that you really want in life. It could be anything like a huge amount of money, a nice apartment, a luxurious car, or the ability to travel around the whole world. See what matters the most to you and if you are able to get it through your career.

​Even if you have not yet achieved those things but, being on the right path also matters to be successful.  

6. Are You Really Developing?

Having a job is not enough until you are constantly working to improve your position.

​See if you are really working hard or just passing days. Not only this, are you working upon yourself? Evaluate how much you have changed or developed as a person and if the change is good for you or not.

​Have a clear vision of yourself and your career in order to measure how far you have come along the journey.  

7. Do You Find Peace Within You?

Our career is a means of our livelihood but, consider a situation when you have lost your job or all your money.

​Will you still have the courage to stand up on your own? A successful career should be something when you trust yourself more than anything.

​You must know that you have the power to build your own path even if you fail in the first place.  

One should understand that success is not set by people but, by us. Success is rather an inside job, a set of values and morals that we create for ourselves.


p id=”arIndex_37″>​Our society has been subconsciously programming our minds that there is a big thing that we need to accomplish to be successful. But, is success really big? Re-evaluate what a successful career means to you.

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