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Who are we?

CareerMetis.com is an online publication dedicated to helping job seekers and freelancers with actionable advice for launching and succeeding in their professional careers. 

We discuss and share information via multiple forms of content – blog posts, guides, lists, podcasts, videos, etc. For more information about who we check our “About Us” section.

Our Content

1) Original Content

The content (blog posts, pages, podcasts) on this website are original and are written, edited and published by our Editorial team.

The information published is based on research and experimentation. Any third-party sources are usually quoted in the body of each article for review and validation.

2) Guest Contributions

In addition to original content, CareerMetis.com also accepts and publishes Guest Posts from writers across the globe. Over 1300+ Guest Authors/ Contributors have submitted and published articles on this website. Each Guest Author/Contributor is properly credited with their individual author pages.

The information and advice shared by the Guest Authors are their own.

All Contributors are requested to abide by the Editorial Guidelines. All articles are vetted and approved by the Editorial team before it is published.

The guest authors are not financially compensated by the CareerMetis team. Though they might be compensated by other means – either from their respective clients or other sources who do not have any affiliation with CareerMetis.com.

All blog post submissions are original and are not published elsewhere. In the event of any claims of plagiarism, the Editor is notified and their submissions will be taken down immediately.

Once approved and published – the content is now a property of CareerMetis.com, and may not be used elsewhere without the knowledge of the Editors, or without proper attribution. 

3) Podcast & Video Interviews

The Podcast interviews are created by the Editorial team and is published to be a value-add for the readers of CareerMetis.com. If any financial compensation or sponsorship is received – it will be announced during the podcast or in the episode show notes.

Note on Advice from CareerMetis.com: 

Please note that all advice shared on our website is based on either personal experience or by referencing 3rd party sources. The advice is not to be taken as professional advice. We also do not share any medical or financial advice. Use the information/advice we share on CareerMetis.com at your own discretion. 


We at CareerMetis.com monetize the website via different means as discussed below. As with any web property, our pages and posts have links and citations. We may earn compensation when you click on our links.

1) Google AdSense Disclosure

Our website is apart of Google’s Display network and our website shows ads served by Google AdSense on various pages and posts across the website.

1) Ezoic Disclosure

Our website is apart of the Ezoic network,  and our website shows ads served by Ezoic on various pages and posts across the website.

2) Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

CareerMetis.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon(.com, .co.uk, .ca, etc) and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

Most/all outgoing links to any of Amazon’s properties carry a tracking code, and if the user/visitors purchase the product/any other product from Amazon – we will receive compensation. 

3) Sponsored Content Disclosure

We might also receive compensation directly from our advertising or agency partners. We are financially compensated for writing, editing and publishing these posts – usually in the form of a flat fee pre-negotiated with the agency/brand. These pages or posts are tagged as partnered content.

We work with advertisers who provide us relevant content with relevant links. In many cases, these sponsored posts include return links to the websites of my sponsors/affiliates. We do not directly endorse/recommend the subsequent products/services from these links. It is up to the total discretion of the user/ visitor if they choose to purchase the product/ service.

The compensation we receive from publishing these sponsored posts covers the costs of operating this website. To maintain the integrity of the website, the posts always are in line with the needs/interests of the target audience (Career Professionals and Job Seekers). For instance, we do not accept sponsored posts from or link to businesses in industries such as online gambling, tobacco, adult entertainment, non-English websites, etc. 


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