Original Content

Many of the posts on this blog are original. They are written & published by me the Editor (Nissar Ahamed).

Guest Posts

I also receive Guest Posts from writers across the globe.

Currently 850+ Guest Authors (and growing) have contributed content to this website. Each Guest Author/Contributor is properly credited with their individual author pages.

Occasionally – I do publish syndicated content (re-posting previously published content) ; because I have a pre-arranged relationship with the author. However this is minimal and rare.

Currently, I am only syndicating Infographics or visual content.

Sponsored Content

Few posts on this website are sponsored content. i.e. I am financially compensated for writing,editing and publishing these posts.

I work with Publishers and Advertisers who provide me relevant content with relevant links. In many cases, these sponsored posts include return links to the websites of my sponsors/affiliates.

The financial compensation I receive from these paid/sponsored posts cover the costs of operating this website. To maintain the integrity of the website, the posts always are in line with the needs/interests of the target audience (Career Professionals and Job Seekers).