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Excellent coordination among team members is critical to any business. Teamwork is the base of success for most of the companies.

We idealize team work as a set of a well-oiled machine with team members acting as gears complementing each other’s functioning.

But in reality, there are always one or two rusty gears that make the machine get stuck every now and then. High-performance team doesn’t happen by chance.

A team is made up of a bunch of highly diverse personalities. Here comes the need for a good team leader who is capable of putting together the different temperaments and shaping it into a highly powerful resource.

Developing a perfectly synchronized, well-oiled smooth machine of a team should be on top of every team leader’s target.

So, what should you, as team leader, do for your team to achieve that extraordinary result?

13 Essential Qualities of a Good Team Leader

Make sure you have all the essential qualities of a good team leader:

1) Breaking The Ice

No team members can work together with ease without getting to know each other in a comfortable level. As a good team leader, you have to initiate this process and encourage your team members to open up to each other. This creates personal connections.  For this, you got to have a friendly and approachable persona.

Once you are able to break the ice you can start working on other factors. However, keep in mind that not every member in a team has the ability to open up easily and therefore this can be a continuing process for which you will have to keep working on until you get the enthusiastic involvement of everyone.  

2) Clear, Open & Honest Communication

Good team leaders are able to communicate clearly and insist on a two-way communication. Keep the communication open to every member which will allow team leaders to listen to their inputs and act on them accordingly. Respecting team members’ opinion gives them a sense of belonging which enhances their productivity.

 All the while, stick to honesty. It’s true that honesty is the best policy. Members tend to trust you less when they sense even a tiny fickle of dishonesty. It makes them think you don’t value them enough to tell them the truth.  Don’t be afraid to communicate the truth to your team. The truth might sometimes be a bitter one which is essentially why it needs to be talked out.  While it might not always be easy to do so, honesty eventually leads to a better and more open relationship.

Good leaders are also effective communicators.  They communicate clearly and on time also.

3) Fair and Impartial

A good team leader is also a just man. Treat team members fairly. Be just, while treating members regarding any issue. There should not be room for any partiality and biases towards any team member.

4) Appreciative

A good team leader never leaves the team members unappreciated. Don’t forget to show appreciation for their work and efforts. Give rewards and praise where it is due. Appreciation makes the team get a positive feeling about their work and this drives them forward.

5) Source of Positivity and Enthusiasm

Good team leaders are always the team’s source of positivity. They have the quality of being the constant driving source within the team.  They are confident and enthusiastic enough to inspire the rest of the team members.

As a good team leader, you should always have an optimistic approach and courageous aura whenever you are dealing with the team. Optimism and confidence are the essential behaviour of a high-performance team.  Good leaders aren’t afraid to take up new challenges and also don’t shy away from stating unpopular opinions.

Good leaders keep the team members motivated and they try to influence members towards the achievement of a goal.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” —  John C. Maxwell

6) Focus & Evaluate

A good team leader while focusing on the improvement of the team never forgets the bigger picture. Be constantly aware of the main goals and vision of the organization. A good team leader makes a careful examination of how his team is doing and knows exactly where they are heading.

7) Attentive & Responsive

Good team leaders are always on the check for situation and environment of the team. They are alert and attentive to the member’s needs and requirement and are highly responsive at all times.

8) Flexibility

Good leaders adjust themselves to match with any situation. They know how to act when and where. A good leader should change and adapt their style according to the circumstance. They also keep their minds open to new ideas and change.

9) Patient & Understanding

A good team leader is patient enough to give team members their required time to improve. The team leader should try to understand the nature and situation of the member and give support to them accordingly. At the same time, a good team leader knows how to yield command in a strict manner when needed.

13 Essential Qualities of a Good Team Leader

10) Self-Improvement

Good team leaders never stops learning. They are always willing to acquire new skills and development.  Good leaders know that for the team to improve it has to change with time by adapting to the various new developments in technologies and skills coming up every day. Thus, they make sure that they are fit to lead the team to a better path of success.

A good team leader sets for himself a desired level of performance and diligently strives for it.

11) Commitment & Action

Good team leaders are truly committed and dedicated to their work. They not only talk but also take actual actions. As you know action speaks much louder than words.  Good leaders present themselves as a model for others to follow and admire.

12) Demonstrate

Good team leaders don’t tell members what to do rather they show them and help them in explaining things.

13) Responsible & Accountable

Good team leaders understand the responsibilities that come along with their position in the team. They accept the fact that they will be held accountable for the team. They are quick in admitting mistakes, slow in taking credits.  They don’t play the blame-game.

By now you must have noticed that the essential qualities of a good team leader are not supernatural characteristics or some highly complex hidden formulas that only a few know.

One should realize that in order to be a good leader, loved and admired by all, one should be a good human being first, with highly desirable sets of characteristics which anyone can achieve with the right amount of commitment and willingness.

No leader was born a great leader. It takes learning and acquiring the habits of good leadership.  And don’t forget that good leaders don’t set out to boss around with their heads above others but to make a difference with their hearts for others.

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