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When it comes to attracting and retaining top talent, your company’s reputation can be all-important.

Today’s best candidates want to work at a company with strong, healthy company culture, among other things, and outplacement services can contribute to that by keeping morale high for those employees that remain.

Of course, outplacement assistance also provides a lot of insulation against the risks of laying off employees. For most people, a layoff is a high financial emergency, and if unemployment drags on, or an employee is angry about the circumstances of their unemployment, they might try to sue or publicly air dirty laundry about the company.

Outplacement services can help prevent that, by helping most employees transition easily into new positions, so they won’t feel as if they got cheated by their former employer.


Outplacement Assistance Keeps Morale High

Layoffs are never easy, not even for those who keep their jobs. That’s because the layoff environment can be a stressful one, with employees wondering if they’re next in line, how they’ll handle the increased workload, or whether the company is in trouble.

Decreasing morale can reduce engagement and productivity among those who stay behind, and it can even result in higher turnover during and after a layoff period.

When employees see their colleagues taking advantage of outplacement services for career coaching, resume and cover letter help, and skills-building, they feel more secure because they know that they, too, will be able to take advantage of the opportunity of outplacement assistance in the event of a layoff. That helps them stay more engaged at work, and remain productive and loyal to the company.

Employees have less stress over their own un-updated resumes or outdated job-seeking skills and are better able to focus on their jobs.

Unemployment Times Are Minimized

When you offer your former employees outplacement assistance, they spend less time on the job market, and that can improve your reputation as a good place to work. Who wouldn’t want to work at a company that helps employees find a new job after laying them off?

You’ll get a reputation as a company that supports its employees and does right by them, even when it can no longer employ them. That’s worth a lot when it comes to attracting the most talented job candidates in the future.

Former Employees Say Good Things About the Company

Evading wrongful termination lawsuits should be fairly easy, but controlling what disgruntled former employees say on review sites like Glassdoor or on social media like LinkedIn can be a little more difficult.

The best way to control what people say about you online is to control the experiences they have with you. And when it comes to laying employees off, it’s crucial that those experiences be as positive as possible for the displaced employees, to try to minimize the chance that they’ll become bitter or resentful and attempt to harm the company’s reputation.

Offering outplacement assistance to former employees can put a really positive spin on what is otherwise a negative situation. Yes, it’s too bad that you can’t continue employing specific people, but you’re willing to help them polish their skills and find a new opportunity. Most former employees will appreciate the effort, especially if they found a new position quickly as a result. Many of the services offered by outplacement assistance really can help former employees find a new job.

For example, it’s probably been years since most of your employees had a job interview, so interview coaching would be in order. Many may need a hand updating their resume and perhaps rewriting it to reflect where they are in their careers. Some may have been with the company so long that they need a complete overhaul of their job-seeking skills, such as applying for jobs online or using LinkedIn.

Outplacement services can be just what your former employees need to feel supported at a difficult time and make the crucial transition to a new position outside your company.

If you want to keep morale high among your existing employees, attract the best new candidates, and keep your reputation sterling, you would do well to offer outplacement services. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it also makes good sense for your business. 

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