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How to Find Your Best Employees and Keep Them Around

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A business is about people. The better the people you have, the better your business is going to do. For that reason, you want the best people that are out there and you don’t just want them for the short term, you want them to want to stick around for the rest of their lives.

Of course, that’s a lot easier to say than it is to do. So what can you do to make that actually happen? Do you just look at their resume writing skills? It’s a little bit more involved than that (otherwise, this wouldn’t be much of an article, would it?)

1. People don’t just want jobs anymore

The first thing that you’ve got to realize is that people aren’t content just doing a job from 9 to 5. They expect something more. They want what they do to be meaningful, to make a difference. More importantly, they want it to reflect their values and their beliefs.

So, what are the beliefs of your company? What reputation are you projecting? And is it actually the mindset that people are looking for?

These are important facets, as even if you offer very inviting incentive packages, people still might not stick around if they believe they can get more fulfillment elsewhere.

2. Start with the ones you already have

A vital element in getting people to come into your company and have them stick around is by making sure that the people you already have working in your company are as happy and engaged as they can be.

The reason this works so well is that while you might have some official channels of communication with the outside world, a lot of information leaks out unofficially. Most of this goes out by way of your employees commenting and sharing through social media and other tools.

If this is as positive as it can be, then it will be easy for you to find new employees. Heck, your employees might suggest their own highly skilled friends. If this news is negative, on the other hand, then people might well think twice before they apply to your company (or if they’ll stick around once they’ve walked through your halls).

Remember, getting the best employees means starting with the employees you already have. Then they can help you get more experienced staff that will fit well with your company. So engage with your current employees, listen to their problems, find ways to make their jobs better and more enjoyable and then act on that knowledge. In this way, you’ll be in a great position to find new employees that really fit your company when you need them.

3. Give your employees a voice

A lot of companies now have blogs. And that’s great. The problem is, however, that the vast majority is using them for marketing purposes only when it could do so much more.

What do I mean?

I mean that you can use it to give the people that work in your company the ability to express themselves, tell their stories and position themselves in the industry.

This will serve two roles:

1.  The people who are blogging feel that they are getting a chance to express what they feel and what they think about things. That can be incredibly liberating for people to do. What’s more, they’ll appreciate the opportunity to put themselves out there and connect with the people in their industry (just remember to hire an editor, paperwriting.reviews is a good source to find people to help you out).

2. New employees can look at what your current employees are saying and find out if they will gel with the company and the mindset. That’s vitally important both for attracting the best people as well as making sure they’ll be a good fit once they come.

4. Don’t just hire people because they’re good at what they do

It’s also vitally important that they fit in the mindset of the company. If you’ve got a relaxed, playful mindset at your work, the hiring a suit who couldn’t relax if you shot him full of morphine might not be the best idea. Similarly, if your mindset is conservative, hiring a pot smoking surfer might end up rubbing people the wrong way.

Always look for people that will fit into the office. After all, you’re not looking to hire the best individuals, you’re looking to build the best team. They two are certainly related, but they are not the same with a good team often being more than its parts.

For that reason, consider asking some culture-related questions during your interview, or even putting somebody in charge of doing a cultural interview so that you’re sure everybody will be able to work together.

Last words

There is no one trick to finding and getting the best employees and keeping them. That’s because every aspect of your business can influence whether they’re interested in joining your company. The best thing you can do is reduce the negatives – as those are the first thing that people notice.

That means listening to the complaints that your current employees have and actually trying to find ways to reduce the impact of those problems.

If you can do that, not only will you make your current employees happier (which will reflect well on your company) but you’ll also make outsiders sit up and take notice. And from there it becomes a great deal easier to recruit them. 

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