Can Leadership Skills Be Learned Or Taught Or Is It Just Inborn

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There is always a debate on whether leadership skills are intrinsic (inborn) or learned from experiences or acquired through learning. This article will try to prove the point that leadership skills can also be learned or taught, when the right philosophy and training is provided.

“A great leader…” ”He was born with leadership skills…” We often hear these phrases and how someone seemed destined to do great things. They are admired by all for their leadership skills and their ability to finish projects with ease.

There is way too much responsibility, pressure and willingness to lead and set an example for others. The ability to lead depends on scores of key skills, which are popular among employees because they involve dealing with individuals in such a way to inspire, build respect and show enthusiasm.

Leadership skills are implemented not only in workplace but also everywhere. They can be applied in any situation where you need to take the lead, socially, professionally and even in family occasions. After all, leaders are leaders as they have a lot of integrity and people follow them for their qualities.

Often the question is asked: Leadership can be learned or taught or is it inborn?

Some says it can’t be taught as it is not a subject but a quality nor it is moral science like good etiquettes, which can be taught to children. On the other hand, it is possible to learn leadership skills. Though it comes naturally, a few people just learn it easily. Some people say with right motivation and guidance, anyone can be an effective leader.

The good news is leadership skills can be gotten better if someone is willing to carry out and ready to put 100 percent effort.

Research shows that, through training and job experience, people can become great leaders. I have seen this all throughout my career and I think you too may have witnessed an employee develop with proper training given by management. Those who are self confident, social and open may be inclined to lead, whereas who are skilled, hushed and attentive can be taught to become strategic business leaders.

Top questions which are generally asked:

1. What qualities do leaders have?

A unique idea that pulls a team together can lead to successful business venture. New leaders are persuaded to focus on communication, commitment, creativity and relationships. It is also vital to frame the new roles as you hone the leadership skills and head towards a superb career.

Besides this, self assessment is important in the initial stages of leadership development. The bottom line is, start showing the willingness to adapt and enrich your knowledge and skills.

2. How to improve the leadership qualities?

Research demonstrates that aspirants who are motivational, positive and are popular prove to be excellent leaders. Implement these strategies in your daily life and get the most out of your career life in your field.

Scores of successful leaders never taken any training, for them it is their behaviors, traits and performances that make them good leaders.

The most significant aspect of leadership is that every leader has different style of leadership attitudes and skills. So think strategically, all you need is a vision of where you want to be and nurture that dream.

No one can stop learning – it is important to scout the personalities of leaders and how their inherent inspirations best fit for diverse leadership roles.

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