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I was missing out on something. All I was doing was relentlessly slogging through the day. I felt tired busting my butt daily. My sleep cycle was taking a complete toss. I wondered whether I should quit or I whether I just needed a break—a mental health day off?

I told myself, “For the love of yourself, take some time off!” Often, I feel guilty when I take a day off for no reason.

The general rule is: if I am taking a day off, I need to be pretty sick to do so. But overworking will make you burn out, suffer on the inside, and can make you incredibly cranky on days without proper rest.

How Mental Health Day offs Can Boost Your Productivity?

When was the last time you had some ‘me time’ or took a day off from your work? I bet you don’t even remember. If you are a workaholic, you probably have not take a day off unless you are laying on the bed or ill.

We rarely indulge ourselves in some necessary TLC or break away from everyday stress.

Instead, we scold ourselves, driving ourselves to buck up and perform. But the truth is, taking a day off can clear the fog from your mind, increase your productivity, and benefit your health.

When to take a Mental Health Day Off

How do you know you are entering into the zone where you badly need a break?

Your body, your thoughts, your actions–all will start giving you subtle hints (signs) when you need to call it a day. Here are some cues indicating it’s completely alright to take the day off to reset.

  •       When you feel like you’re in slow motion
  •       When nothing is exciting enough at work
  •       When you are dreading going to work
  •       When little things at work frustrate you
  •       When there is no work-life balance
  •       When you take longer than average to complete your errands
  •       When you have been neglecting yourself
  •       When you are running out of creative juices
  •       When you start doing work at home
  •       When you are feeling down in the dumps

If you think you are having one of these particularly stressful days, I am here to tell you that you deserve a break.

Taking another day off might seem completely bananas, but take a moment to reconsider! Here’s why: when you feel terrible, you should take an off day.


  •       It reduces the stress level
  •       It allows you to get some much-needed rest
  •       It gives you a chance to catch up
  •       It has proven to increase productivity
  •       It helps to gain a better work-life balance
  •       It will rekindle your relationships

Now, that you’ve realized you deserve a break.

Here are some fantastic tips drawn from the analysis of people who have had similar personal experiences.

1. Find Your Productivity Tools

How Mental Health Day offs Can Boost Your Productivity?

Some of the most successful people in business have their list of online productivity tools that help them to get into the zone and be more productive.

There are countless methods, so take time to research the best productivity tools as per your needs. It can be a significant investment on a day off.

2. Get Out in Nature

How Mental Health Day offs Can Boost Your Productivity?

On a day off from your endless to-do list and constant email notifications, try to get into a relaxing environment so your mind can reset. Being in nature is a great way to stimulate creativity, boost mood, and calm yourself down to focus on the big picture.

Take a walk through the outdoors, or a drive away from the city and do things to feed your soul.

3. Spend the Day with Yourself

How Mental Health Day offs Can Boost Your Productivity?

Living in all the hustle and bustle, we should take time for ourselves by taking advantage of mental health days for self-care. Make a plan for yourself and stick to it.

Talk to yourself, know more about yourselfㅡyour strengths, weakness, and explore your desires.

4. Get a New Hobby

How Mental Health Day offs Can Boost Your Productivity?

One of the main points for wellbeing is to ‘keep learning.’ When you take up a new hobby and stick to practicing it, you will have something to focus on other than work.

Do not think of your new hobby as a burden, or something extra that you will have to do; instead, focus on enjoying it.

5. Immerse in Nothingness

How Mental Health Day offs Can Boost Your Productivity?

According to Fast Company, successful people make sure to set a certain amount of time where they don’t do anything.

Give a day to yourself when you do nothing so that you can replenish your mind and well-being. The next day you will be able to regroup your thoughts and get in the flow.

6. Get the Rest You Need

How Mental Health Day offs Can Boost Your Productivity?

You probably have weekends for all your errands. Do not spend your day doing laundry, cleaning, binge-watching and more. Make sure you plan your day off to take the rest you need. Sleep, relax and get the rest you need.

Take care of your Mental Health

Make it a point to take a break when you feel like trash. When your body says clearly to take rest, why force it to be active?

Be kind to yourself and call in a mental health day to refresh. Spend your day wisely. When you return to your job, you will feel more valuable.

It’s time for a mental makeover. Fill it with exciting things. In fact, companies should introduce mental health day off for their employees to recharge their batteries.

It will give an incredible boost to productivity.

When are you planning a mental health day? Have you already taken and how do you spend your day off? Share your experiences!

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