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Your appearance says volumes about who you are. Research has shown how crucial the first 10 seconds to a minute of your initial introduction are in a social setting.

90% of people form their opinion about you within this brief time. Passing the initial test with a positive appearance and attractive nonverbal cues are likable traits. Even more to the point, you’ll never be able to recover from a poor first impression especially when you’re in the face of an interview or career opportunity.

After interview day dressing for success remains important. At your place of work, everyone will notice the attire you turn up in, including your co-workers and of course the person who employed you. You are the face of that company when you are on their premises, looking sharp and polished is respected.

This isn’t to say a casual day or a pair of sneakers is unacceptable for office dress code. Of course, dress codes will differ across companies, cultures, positions, fields, and locations. Remaining conscious of your appearance will give you the confidence to succeed and in turn that professional edge to grow.

Deciding what to wear and when is becoming increasingly challenging. Beyond an employee handbook, there are no uniform rules for what defines an office as business casual, formal, or creative. We see this growing trend of shared workplaces and hip office spaces and this continues to blur the line of what is acceptable professional attire.

T.M.Lewin, British work-wear retailers have developed this handy guide below for office dress code to help us navigate what to wear for interviewing and beyond. T.M.Lewin is a British heritage brand credited for the invention of the button-down shirt. These London tailors have been dressing the workforces of the times for well over a century. Today they are still most widely recognized for their selection of men’s dress shirts; formal to casual. T.M.Lewin also has an elegant range of tailored shirts for the office ready women of our working world.

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