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If you’re sending out dozens of resumes every week, yet never even getting to interview stage, the problem could be that your resume just isn’t standing out from the dozens, or even hundreds, that every recruiter receives. Competition for most jobs is fierce, so recruiters have to quickly scan through CV’s and pick out the most promising ones. 

However, many resumes are discarded, in spite of the candidate having the appropriate skill set for the post. Unfortunately, their resume simply doesn’t stand out and so ends up on the ‘No’ pile. The solution is to make use of one of the many tools that will help you to create a winning resume

After all, it serves no purpose being perfect for the job if the recruiter doesn’t notice your CV/ Resume among the many they receive.

Here are some tools you can try:

1. Visual CV

If you want to create your own resume, you need to make it stand out from the many others vying for the same position. Visual CV enables you to produce an eye-catching CV that will get the attention of recruiters.

You can customize your CV for each application, which will show that you are paying close attention to the requirements of each vacancy and not merely sending out copies of the same resume. Usefully, you can receive updates that show when your CV has been viewed or downloaded.

2. Resumes Planet


If you’re not confident enough in your abilities to create that winning resume, delegate the task to a professional. Resumes Planet takes the information you provide about your work history and educational achievements and turn that into a CV that showcases your skills.

Whether you’re seeking to progress in your career, a federal post, or your first job after leaving the military, Resumes Planet will produce the CV to suit. No need to worry about a lack of experience if you’re looking for an entry-level position, as the company will identify your other skills and show what you are capable of.

3. Resume Up


People notice visuals, so your resume could often benefit from having some images and graphics in it. For some truly imaginative CV templates, turn to Resume. You’ll find a number of different layouts, from a simple version suitable for most jobs to an interactive one.

One of the more unusual approaches could be ideal for anyone seeking employment in a field where an imaginative CV would be an asset. Many of the templates also include a reference letter and cover letter. Of course, you can choose a traditional layout if that is most appropriate.

4. Krop

Krop - Winning Resume

If you’re a creative professional, you need a portfolio website to show off your skills. Krop has a selection of templates that will enable you to showcase your photography, designs, or illustrations.

There are lots of handy tools to help you produce a website that makes the most of the visual medium, such as integrating your site with Instagram, and Google Analytics to monitor traffic to your site.

5. Visualize.me


It can be hard to cram enough information into a one-page resume, yet we’re often told that a single page is as much as recruiters want to see. One way to get all the details you want into your CV is to create a winning resume with Vizualize. me.

This will certainly be more striking than a CV consisting of nothing but text. It’s also a clever way of conveying statistics and information, and likely to grab the attention of recruiters looking for someone with design skills and an eye for the visual. 

Remember that the average recruiter spends only a few brief moments glancing at each resume and deciding whether or not the candidate is worth interviewing. They have neither the time nor the inclination to devote to each resume.

So you really need to make the most of those seconds and give your CV the edge that makes it stand out. Be sure to choose the approach that best fits the position you’re applying for; a legal firm would probably not care for a resume that was very colorful and full of images. But with a careful choice of layouts, these tools will help you polish your CV and make it one that an interviewer will be sure to notice.

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