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5 Pros and Cons of Relocating for Your Career | CareerMetis.com

People relocate for their career for a number of reasons. For some, it may be for better job prospects or the purpose of professional growth. For others, it might be just to break out of their comfort zone and to experience new things.

Whatever the reason for the move might be, there is no doubt that it comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Often, when people are moving to a new location, they don’t thoroughly weigh the pros and cons, which can lead to regretted decisions.

We have made a list of some of the pros and cons that people should consider before they make the big move.

Pro: Bigger Job Market

Searching for a job in new city opens the door to more opportunities, new networks, and more companies.

When you begin looking at jobs in other cities, you are no longer limited to the job opportunities within your current region. You’ve expanded your access to job opportunities, and tapped into a bigger job market.

Expanding your job search nationwide gives you to access to a broader list of options filled with positions that, otherwise, you would’ve missed.

Con: Stressful Relocation

Relocation is never easy. Between planning, packing, and finding a new place to stay, the entire process can end up being more stressful than one imagined.

Depending on the industry, most job openings are for immediate hire. Meaning the company needs someone to fulfill that position as soon as possible, leaving you with a short amount of time to relocate.

This stress can overwhelm some people, causing them to be more indecisive, and even causing them to reconsider the move altogether.

Pro: Larger Companies

Larger companies have their offices in different parts of the country. To get access to these companies, you may have to move to a big city like New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago. Larger companies may also have far more spots to fill up than the smaller ones, and have more opportunity for growth within the company.

These companies may have international prospects and can send their employees to foreign countries, which can lead to even better opportunities.

Con: Expensive

Moving can be expensive. From packing all your belongings, and finding a mover to help you relocate to a city, there are a lot of expenses that go along with it. Movers aren’t the only things that people have to pay for.

Not all companies pay for the travel and stay of their employees, especially if they are starting out in lower positions. The expenses of rent, travel, and others can quickly add up to more than you’d might expect it to be.

Pro: New Experiences

Relocating to a new city is always good for the simple fact you get to experience new things. It gives you a look into a culture that is different from your own, and exposes you to things that, otherwise, you wouldn’t have access to.

Relocation helps you meet new people and create new connections, all while exploring and discovering your new environment.

Con: Unfamiliar Places

Adjusting to a new city that you know nothing about can be a daunting task. Simple things like finding a grocery store or pharmacy can become a hard task, and requires a little bit of exploring to find. You may have to learn a new public transportation system just to find these places.

There might be tools to help make this process easier, but that does not take away from the ease of actually going out and exploring, especially if you are alone.

Pro: Change

Change in life is inevitable. Every day, people undergo changes that can contribute to making them a better person and a more developed individual. Moving to a new city brings along significant changes that can have a massive impact on the individual, which can benefit them immensely.

Moving by yourself may cause you to become more independent and adventurous person. Since it is an inevitable process, it is always good to look at it from a good perspective and use it to develop oneself.

Con: Uprooting Your Life

Chances are you are extremely comfortable with your life in the current place you are living.

You are established, and may have friends and family there that you can depend on. Moving to a new city means having to leave all of it behind. You have to change your home and your workplace.

If you have a family and kids, they have to adjust and leave their schools and friends as well. Starting afresh in a new city is never easy, and can be a big con for those who aren’t willing to leave their comfort zone.

Pro: Prospects for Growth

Moving to a new city exposes you to new opportunities for personal and professional growth. The changes in your environment and daily life that come your way all contribute to making you a better individual.

There is a lot of room for professional development when you move to a new city. There opportunity to work for a larger company and expand your network, can potentially benefit your career in the long-run.

Con: Having to Establish Social Relationships

Humans are social beings and, therefore, need to have some amount of social communication, no matter what their personality type may be.

Leaving friends and family behind can be tough, but trying to find new friends and social circles might be even harder, especially for those who don’t consider themselves to be outgoing or sociable people. As hard as it might be, you should remember that with time new relationships can be formed, and old ones don’t necessarily have to be left behind.

Relocation is a big decision that most people face at least once in their career. It can be a complex decision with a lot of different factors that need to be thought out thoroughly.

When you fully plan and weigh your options, you can ensure that you won’t have any regrets, and know that you’ve made the best decision for your life and your career.

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British Solomon is a contributing writer and media specialist for North American Van Lines. She regularly produces content for a variety of career and lifestyle blogs.

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