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Marketing is not just a kind of online business with pre-set rules of the game. It is a living organism that develops, changes, and evolves. To succeed in the marketplace, any business needs to follow marketing trends and adjust its activities. In this post, we’ve explored a few of the top marketing trends that will significantly develop in the next 12 months. Start implementing them right now to stay at the forefront of the market for the next year!

Trend #1 User-Generated Content

Instead of producing content yourself, encourage your subscribers to create it for you. Make your product packaging so attractive that customers want to post a photo of it in an Instagram story or share it with friends in a blog post. This is one of the most powerful marketing trends that will help you to brand your business effectively.

Provide the service so that you would like to talk about it with a mention of the brand. This content is free, and it serves as a recommendation from acquaintances, which is trusted more than advertising content. It is essential that users make such messages organically.

Trend #2 AR & VR

Another powerful trend is the creation of content using augmented or virtual reality. AR masks that work with the user’s smartphone selfie camera and games with augmented reality have already appeared on the Instagram network. This technology combines impressive ease-of-use by users and is massively gaining popularity. Also, augmented reality solutions encourage users to produce and distribute the very same user-generated content. 

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Trend #3 Interactive Content

It is crucial to work with content that not only conveys information but also interacts with the user. Thus, you will make the brand story more exciting and bring new impressions.

In 2020-2021, brands will need to look for and find new original solutions in how they will talk to their customers and the message they want to deliver. Society is becoming more and more information-rich. Therefore, key project ideas will be of increasing importance.

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Trend #4 Adapting Content for Smartphones

Many users already access most of the content, not from a PC but the screens of other gadgets. And this tendency will develop further in the future. Users no longer want to scroll from top to bottom.

So, your main goal is to make sure that the web content is optimized to smaller resolutions, is easy to read, and looks appealing on smaller screens.

Trend #5 Gamification

People are ready to play with brands, but they want exciting and engaging game formats. Now, some of the cheap marketing ideas come with exciting puzzles and quests.

They not only entertain but also motivate the audience. Another trend is the use of interactive swipe links in stories. 

Trend #6 Increase in Marketing Budgets

Every year, it becomes more expensive to attract customers, so marketing costs are continually growing. Users are becoming more experienced and more demanding every year.

Therefore, most businesses will pay attention to the UI/ UX of their products, thereby increasing LTV and saving the marketing budget. It’s worth investing in experiments and split tests to test several ad campaigns and choose the most effective ones. Experiment and find precisely those channels and tools that will generate the maximum ROMI for you.

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Trend #7 Content Personalization

Non-standard personal communication of the brand with the client is gaining strength. Your target audience wants to communicate not with chatbots but with the manager personally. They should feel a living person at the other end and not an automatic digital solution. By visiting a brand page, a user expects to receive personalized attention and care.

Live-time posting is becoming another important trend. Produce fresh content 365 days in advance instead of making posts once a month. You need to respond to everything that happens around and not lose touch with reality quickly. It is the only way a brand can remain relevant to its audience.

Trend #8 Influence Marketing

Global brands are increasingly turning to the opinion leaders of the Internet community to promote their product or service, in particular, to top bloggers or KOL’s in a narrowly specialized niche.

But just giving them a product is no longer interesting; you need to think over something special for the audience. Sweepstakes, joint voting, offline events combined with online activities all these fuels the audience’s interest in the brand.

Trend #9 Automation and AI

Personalization of customer experiences and marketing messages is impossible without automation technologies, big data analysis, and AI. Technology takes over the bulk of marketing, so brands can focus on the strategy and creating fantastic customer experiences. To improve the quality of customer service, a business should invest in management automation. Making the checkout as simple as possible is a must for every business.

The versatility of smartphones and advanced technologies allows you to minimize efforts on the purchase process: 

  • Chatbots for ordering goods;
  • Payment in any convenient way; 
  • Fast order delivery. 

By the way, self-service also optimizes costs and provides a positive customer experience.


Marketing trends are in one way or another related to all areas of business. For your company to get the most out of marketing next year, you need to develop your vision and marketing strategy. The time of universal marketing specialists is a thing of the past. It will no longer be possible to use one specialist’s services to work with the market, design, and launch SMM campaigns. The money spent in this case will certainly not bring the desired results.

To get your marketing to work well, there are two ways to go. You will either have to assemble your team of specialists or outsource the tasks. In 2020-2021, the competition in the market is tough. So, only the intricate work of a professional team can guarantee your company an advantage.

Follow the trends, experiment, and try new things without forgetting about the quality of everything that comes out under your brand. In this case, you will not only achieve financial success but also become a trendsetter in your niche!

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