What attracts you to a job position? What motivates you to submit your resume?

You probably think about the salary package and how close it is to your home.

You probably know job satisfaction is based on much more than simply what you receive at the end of the month. Your enthusiasm for the day’s work depends on the atmosphere in the office. And laws can influence this more than you think.

Do you ever consider the legal implications? And I’m not simply referring to your employment contract. Have you thought of how your country’s laws impact your work?

The challenge comes when you apply for work in another country. You may not be aware of unique laws that will influence you. And if your expectation doesn’t match the reality, you may regret your move.

That’s why you need this helpful infographic by Legacy Citizenship. It shows a few vital facts from countries around the globe.

How else would you know that you have to keep in shape in Japan? If your waistline is not according to government’s expectations, your employer can force you to attend dieting classes.

And yes, he or she will personally take your measurements to ensure you stay inside the guidelines. Is this an environment you want to work in? If you love healthy living, you will.

But what about your beard? If you work for Isesaki’s municipality—also in Japan—you’re legally required to shave your beard. And in New Zealand, you can’t wear funny hats to the office.

Will these laws prevent you from enjoying your job?

Use the guideline to help you pick the right job environment in future.

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