11 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your LinkedIn Profile

11 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your LinkedIn Profile

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We all are well aware of the role of LinkedIn account in career growth. But there are some common mistakes that we all are doing while managing our profile on LinkedIn.

However, if you are also trying to make the most of your LinkedIn account then you’re reading the right stuff.

Here are the most common mistakes that you can avoid to make a prosperous career with your LinkedIn profile.

1. Typos & Spelling Mistakes

If your profile is full of typos, then no employer would prefer you to manage their work operations. Make sure to avoid all mistakes typo mistakes especially of similar words by using the review option.

For instance, you can use review option to figure out all grammar, spelling and typos mistakes that are affecting the impression of your profile.

In case, you leave any typos error in company names, job titles, and even in your degree title then you will definitely ruin your chances of recruitment.

So, ensure to use a reliable spell checker that will easily highlight misspellings double your chances of success on through LinkedIn platform.

2. Fake Or No Picture In Your Profile

It is essential to add a picture to your LinkedIn profile that will stand you out from the crowd. If you really want to hook the attention of your recruiter, then you should upload a sophisticated profile picture.

By doing this you will not only fulfill the requirement of a powerful platform but also attract more employers to view your profile.

Don’t upload a misleading image instead chose one that will fit with your field of work. Else you will definitely miss a great chance to drive endless opportunities through LinkedIn.

In addition, LinkedIn also allows its users to upload profile videos to their profile, so take advantage of this option to provide a killer impression.

3.  Skipping Profile Headline

A great proportion of people put intern or executive in their LinkedIn headline. This is totally a wrong approach make sure to make the most of your LinkedIn headline title by putting up a relevant job title.

For example, if you are managing a team of marketing department then you can write “Marketing Manager” or “Team Lead” of marketing department.

Moreover, you should not write “looking for a job…” in your headline as it will create a negative impression.

In case you’re a fresh grad then you can write graduate from your specific university or field to help the employer connect with you easily.

This way you will easily highlight your real worth as well as land on the right work opportunity.

4.  Ignoring LinkedIn Groups

There are numerous professional groups active over the LinkedIn that help people land on the right work opportunity. You too can make the most of your LinkedIn account by joining groups that are related to your field.

This is because groups are a great tool for networking that not only helps to find good opportunities but also help users to stay updated regarding their industry.

Try to join groups that match with your field of work to easily stay updated with your industry trends.

Keep in mind to turn on the notification to receive messages from your group members without any hassle.

5.   Not Accepting Requests

LinkedIn plays a key role in professional networking. Therefore, it is imperative for users to add as many connections as possible. When you will connect with new people on LinkedIn, you will easily you’re your professional network.

Don’t waste your time in review profile, simply add people to keep the opportunity coming from every possible connection.

Furthermore, you can also consume some time to send a request to people that are related to your field to double the chances of recruiting.

6.    Not Using LinkedIn Mobile App

In today’s technology-driven world, it has become crucial for every platform to have a mobile app. This is why it has also become crucial for LinkedIn users to download mobile app of this powerful platform to maximize the chances of success.

If you want to stay connected with the people of your circle then you must download this app from play store today. In this way you will not only stay connected with the people of your professional network could the clock but also save a plenty of time.

7.   Missing A Customized LinkedIn URL

If you are unaware about this unique feature, then you are likely to make a major mistake while creating your LinkedIn profile. This feature allows you to create a customize URL that you can show to an employer who wants to review your profile.

In order to create a customized URL you will need to press the "edit profile" button then click the gear symbol next to your URL to change the link.

Don’t not put nickname or username in your URL instead come up with a professional one.

8. Using An Irrelevant Summary

It is true to say that filling up the summary section of your LinkedIn profile with the appropriate stuff is crucial for your professional growth.

Make sure to use the right information in your summary part that is related to the job to hook the attention of the recruiter.

Don’t use irrelevant or fake information in the summary section as hiring managers easily figure it out.

Thus highlight your talent by using the summary part of your LinkedIn profile in a proper manner. Otherwise, you will definitely miss a great opportunity to grow your career in the right manner.

9. Splitting Your Profile Into Sections

Splitting your profiles into different sections is one of the “turn-offs” for any employer. If you also break your profile into different parts then you can also confuse your employer.

Therefore makes it easier for people to scan by highlight your skills and experience in a proper way.

Don’t forget to add only two last experiences; else it will make it difficult for an employer to figure out your expertise.

10.  Your Skills Aren't Endorsed

It is imperative to add a bunch of skills to your profile to easily highlight it in front of employers. But it is also essential to endorse your skills by asking others to help you out in this process. Make sure to ask your colleagues and employers to endorse your skills to double your profile credibility.

When your connections start endorsing your skills on your LinkedIn profile you will easily entice the recruiters of your field.

Never include dozens of skills instead add skills that are enough to make your profile worthy inform of employers.

11.  Having No Recommendations

No doubt LinkedIn is the best platform to use the power of recommendation. In today’s competitive world very often employers ask for recommendations, especially in the interview section.

If you already have a recommendation in your LinkedIn profile, you will definitely impress your prospective employers.

Therefore, you need to ask your employers to write a recommendation for you that you can add on your LinkedIn profile in order to show them to your prospective employers.


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