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Meeting new people gets tiresome, even for the bubbliest of extroverts. When you think about it, HRs need to do that every day, professionally — and that’s even harder.

No beers, no movie nights, no hikes; recruiters have to get to know people in a much shorter period, and evaluate them in multiple ways:

  • Interview them, often more than once.
  • Investigate their work history and career path.
  • Test and estimate their knowledge — even if they don’t know much about the job technicalities in question.
  • Decide if they’re a good cultural fit for the company.
  • Explore their personality traits, desire for professional growth, and plans.

Hiring goes deeper than merely flipping through CVs and chatting with candidates. Resumes cannot tell you about a candidate’s willingness to learn, or their problem-solving capabilities — the pivotal traits of a gold-star employee.

However, some recruiting tools can!

Automating the whole hiring process sounds like a dream, but with a powerful toolset, you can get closer to it than ever before. 

We did our best to create the one that streamlines the talent acquisition process from start to finish. Below are the HR tools that will help you find and hire the perfect person for the job each time, effortlessly.

#1 Scout Top Talent On LinkedIn With Expandi

Expandi is the world’s safest LinkedIn automation tool.

It helps its users discover relevant profiles, scoop their info and contact them with personalized messages. Everything is automated, but won’t get you banned.

LinkedIn is a true talent hotspot with a rich talent base. Using built-in LinkedIn Recruiter features helps headhunters discover excellent candidates. 

However, if you want to automate and perfect each step of search and outreach, especially if you need to contact a lot of people daily, you’ll need more than that. 

Cue Expandi!

This tool is all about smart automation that helps you use LinkedIn for recruiting to its full potential. 

There are several things that make Expandi special. First of all, it mimics human behavior to ensure you don’t get flagged and banned for spam. Each new account gets a dedicated, country-based IP address and the delays between actions are randomized. This way, it looks like people do all the work. 

  • Smart limits allow you to send up to 100 LinkedIn connection message invites and 100 messages daily. It never spams with boring messages seen thousands of times before.
  • Hyper-personalization is a feature that makes cold messaging a thing of the past.
  • Dynamic Placeholder is a custom tag that adapts each message to the individual receiving it. Going beyond — it also contains a visual element and adds the recipient’s avatar to the message!

This covers the massive outreach and personalization. The next question is: where to find that amount of candidates for a particular job at once?

Expandi has a “hack” for this as well:

  • Find a LinkedIn post highly relevant to your candidates;
  • Use the Start new search/Post engagement option in Expandi;
  • Paste the LinkedIn post URL;
  • Fill in the post ID and launch!


This will scrape all the people who interacted with that post and make personalized contact with each target. Two follow-ups are included to make sure you get noticed.

#2 Write A Perfect Job Post With Textio

Textio is an augmented writing platform which helps you make better word choices when creating job openings.

It enables you to attract the candidates who will fit in and prevents your job postings from being the laughing stock on LinkedIn.

Are you looking for a passionate team player able to work in a fast-paced environment?

Congrats! Many people will share this job advert — to make fun of it. 

Textio is a tool that will help you swap these cliches for the hiring content that truly counts — no fillers, no empty talk. This platform covers every aspect of your writing style with the following features:

  • Textio Score — the higher, the better! It evaluates the language you use and lets you know how the job post will perform. Textio Score uses academic research and data guidance for evaluation
  • Gender/ Age Bias meter — helps you create equal opportunity for all the applicants with gender-neutral language; it reveals the hidden gender tone and suggests neutral replacements and dives in to show you how it appeals to different age groups
  • Textio Flow — technology that helps you keep the written content on brand, consistent, and engaging. Textio Flow will help you find the writing style that works the best for the candidate pool you’re working with


The tool is pretty intuitive and easy to use. Color-coded highlights show you the phrases you need to tweak, and on the right, it displays the Textio Score. The score shows you how it sounds, and gives you some applicable advice on how to improve the text.

#3 Speed Things Up With XOR (Chatbot option No1)

XOR.ai is a recruiting platform with an AI chatbot that serves as a personal assistant.

It eliminates the redundant communication between recruiters and candidates with automatic interview scheduling. If you have a disdain for exchanging pleasantries and non-essential conversations, this is the right thing for you.

XOR has developed a virtual assistant to save recruiters time. It is a chatbot that uses a pleasant, conversational communication style to schedule interviews with job seekers.


XOR Chatbot has rich integration capabilities. It allows you to connect the chatbot with your calendar — Microsoft Office, Google Calendar, or Outlook. Then, it pulls the available date and time slots for candidates. For multiple hiring stages, connect it with your CRM and have every piece of information at your disposal.

#4 More Tasks, Less Effort With Mya (Chatbot option #2)

Mya is a conversational AI platform (chatbot) that automates the HR workflow. 

Mya helps the recruiters create an enjoyable hiring experience for candidates. At the same time, it connects them with people that fit the job description — accelerating every step of it.

XOR chatbot does excellent work by automating the candidate appointment scheduling.  However, Mya is a better choice for HRs who need more than that — and it can take quite the workload off the recruiters’ shoulders. This relates to screening large quantities of job applicants and using a razor-sharp AI system to select the ones who fit in. This leaves more time for the recruiter to focus on highly skilled roles that require more attention.


This AI platform has 3 main recruiting touchpoints:

  • Mya Recruit — finds the best candidates and schedules the interviews with them. It can engage via SMS, web chat, or Facebook Messenger. Mya can integrate with Office 360 Calendar, Google Calendar and ATS Calendars. Recruiters can use these calendars to set the available interview times on Mya Portal. The candidates can use message-to-apply, job board, career site, or Facebook ads to apply. For hiring events, there are multiple slots available
  • Mya Outreach — a fully automated outreach process that relies on a database that stores fresh candidate info. Mia handles scheduling, cancellation, and rescheduling of the interviews on autopilot
  • Mya Engage — makes career sites more efficient with plenty of job filters and customized FAQs.  Visitors get 24/7 engagement and language support on mobile-optimized sites. This reduces the cost per applicant for hiring departments while taking the candidate experience to another level

#5 Get To Know Them Better With Pymetrics

Pymetrics is a candidate assessment AI platform that tests the candidates’ personality traits

It eliminates hiring discrimination by letting the candidates play games — literally!

Pymetrics is where AI and neuroscience come together to create a fun, yet highly ethical hiring process. Recruiters have three assessment toolsets at their disposal:

  • Core Games — a set of twelve games that measure candidates’ cognitive and emotional attributes. Core Games test attention, effort, focus, decision making, and risk tolerance, among other things. In 25 minutes, Pymetrics collects the data from the game and builds the applicant profiles
  • Numerical & Logical Reasoning — four more games, this time measuring quantitative reasoning and numerical agility of the players
  • Digital interview — this is the final point, building on previously-collected data from gamified evaluation. Videos are shareable so other hiring managers can have a say, while candidates may hide their cameras and timers for an added level of comfort


Now for the ethical part.

Pymetrics is a bit different, focusing on candidates as much as on recruiters and hiring company needs. The platform uses behavioral research to eliminate gender and ethnic bias. The assessment tests are available in more than twenty languages with disability adjustments. Additionally, candidates receive personalized insights and job recommendations once they complete the tests.

#6 Evaluate Their Programming Skills With DevSkiller

DevSkiller is an automated skill assessment and talent management platform for recruiters who need to hire developers with particular skill sets, remotely or in person.

It helps you find, test, and hire developers with practical coding skills.

With DevSkiller, you can test the potential tech job candidate without knowing how to write a single line of code. It works for all seniority levels and tests multiple different programming languages, frameworks, and libraries.


This platform uses RealLifeTesting™ methodology. It means that it provides you with tests that replicate the actual work applicants would need to do. This shows their skills and applicable knowledge in a highly contextualized environment. The test reveals the best candidate for the company’s needs.

Notable features include:

  • Coding tests catalog — plenty of online coding tests and potential interview questions. When browsing through the catalog, hover above the test and it will show the skills it tests, test duration, evaluation type, overview, and difficulty
  • Talent Boost — lets you gain a better insight into the developer’s skills by visualizing their data. Assign them with projects that suit their knowledge, evaluate them, and make informed skill management decisions
  • Talent Score — allows the recruiter to make unbiased decisions and speed up remote hiring, by filtering the most qualified candidates

#7 Make High-Volume Hiring Easier With Harver

Harver is a pre-employment assessment software ideal for enterprise hiring at high volumes.

The platforms help you hire plenty of people at the same time, efficiently, and without bias.

Hiring for one or two positions is difficult enough — imagine the potential chaos if something goes wrong when hiring dozens of people! Harver is built to prevent that, and make the process stress-free for recruiters and applicants.

At each point, Harver focuses on automation. From resume screening to interviewing scheduling, the software takes over the manual tasks and creates a seamless experience for recruiters. 

Candidate pre-employment assessment is the key feature:

  • Situational judgment tests create realistic job previews for candidates and let the recruiters see their responses and performance
  • The multitasking test is gamified, and once the candidate finishes playing, the software gathers the data and lets you know if they can switch tasks rapidly
  • Cultural fit assessment will show if their core values, goals and behavior matches your company culture
  • Language proficiency tests cover reading, grammar, and vocabulary, as well as idiomatic competence for 42 languages. This is especially useful for enterprises that hire remote workers from all over the world
  • Cognitive ability testing enables you to test their problem-solving skills and understand candidates’ ability to learn, plan and comprehend the complex ideas


Being a large-scale recruiting tool, Harver boasts with plenty of industries and areas it covers — some of them include:

  • Remote work
  • Retail
  • Logistics & Supply Chains
  • BPO
  • Financial services
  • Hospitality
  • Staffing and Temp Agency

Dedication to diversity and inclusion makes Harver different from other large-scale assessment software. it is built to eliminate unconscious bias and create diversified teams — proven to be more effective. Scientifically validated data takes irrelevant, personal information out of the equation, making sure that the best person gets the job. Harver works with a team of ten psychologists to make sure users create inclusive spaces.

#8 Onboard The New Employees With BambooHR

BambooHR is an employee onboarding software with added features that help HR departments with daily tasks.

BambooHR automates paperwork and tasks related to hiring new people — and keeps track of their performance. It makes new employees feel welcome and onboards them faster and more efficiently.


Recruiters’ jobs aren’t done once they say “Congratulations, you’re hired!”. That’s when a different type of work needs to be done — some would even say harder.

This Glassdoor research shows how expensive bad hire gets. Zappos reported that they’ve spent $100 million on bad hires! Of course, the figure shrinks for smaller businesses, but bad hiring wastes plenty of time and other valuable resources. 

The same research claims that a strong onboarding process improves new hire retention by 82%. This is the very thing BambooHR strives to do.

This onboarding software is comprehensive and covers multiple onboarding stages and tasks:

  • Employee Data and Analytics — an organized and secure HR database that collects employee data; it’s customizable and compliant while leaving you the possibility to create workflows and approval processes as you find fitting. Reports are fast to create and nicely visualized, empower the HRs to make data-driven decisions
  • HiringBambooHR® Hiring mobile app for Apple and Android helps recruiters work on mobile just as easily. Their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps to find qualified employees who fit the company culture at the same time. It makes the hiring process seamless for candidates as well!
  • Onboarding and Offboarding — BambooHRs onboarding process is built to be efficient and no-fuss. It keeps the new hires engaged, while it speeds up the paperwork and includes electronic signatures
  • Payroll TRAXPayroll is integrated with BambooHR and it streamlines the payments with an easy three-step process. Additionally, it covers federal and state tax filing for USA-based employees. 
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) Tracking — the software comes with a neat calendar that updates and sends the alerts in a flash. When employees’ PTO request gets approved, they can use a time-off calculator to calculate how much time they have. Time tracking and attendance features allow you to see how employees’ time went by, while they help the hires with time management 
  • Employee Culture — employee performance management offers a 360 view of their achievements, so HRs can provide them with valuable feedback. Employee satisfaction is measured with employee Net Promoter Score℠ (eNPS®), so it’s clear whether the employees like their workplace or not — and why.

BambooHR comes with mobile apps for Apple and Androids. It has a clear, simple design that enables the users to keep track of things or request time off in just a few clicks.

Wrapping Up

Keeping employer turnover rate is one of the most important tasks for each HR professional — and it’s not an easy one. This is why it’s important to automate manual tasks such as paperwork and interview schedule as much as possible, so they can handle complex labor.

These smart, AI-powered tools and software go even further than that, grasping at sophisticated tests that measure skills, knowledge, personality, and more!

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