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I use Excel Spreadsheets a lot. I am obsessed with them. I track almost everything. And I have no shame. In fact, I am proud. I am a proponent of Peter Drucker’s advice ” What gets measured gets improved”.

Have you ever visited a personal trainer or nutritionist? The first thing they say is to start creating a food log- they urge you to write down everything you eat for one week. Why is that? In that way, you can learn about your eating habits and use that as a gauge to make positive changes in the future.

If you have watched the show “Till Debt Do Us Apart” – the first thing the host suggests to a couple is to start writing down their expenses. Because when they do this, they are able to find out where they are spending excessively. And based on the data, they are able to make changes to their personal finance.

You do not have to be a multi-million dollar enterprise to start using Analytics and Big Data to measure your effectiveness. As an individual, you too can use DATA in your life to enhance

I am going to share with you a time when I applied Analytics/Data to get a job offer.

In 2013, I had just come out of a difficult financial phase. I started a business and it did not work out the way I wanted. I was broke and I needed a job. So I set a plan to get a job.

My primary motivation was pretty strong ” I need a job to pay my bills”. My secondary motivation was to find an organization where I can learn new skills, make a valuable contribution, and enhance my career.

But motivation alone is not enough. There are plenty of motivated job-hunters out there, but many are unsuccessful. Unemployment is roughly around 5% today. I did not want to join that rank.

So I set a goal to find a job in 1 month. That was my target. I had the right motivation.

Next, I needed to prepare a well-crafted resume and cover letter. It took me some days, and it was complete.

I strictly followed the traditional mode of applying on Job Sites. I did reach out to my contacts and network however, at that time I was not successful. So I decided to use the Internet as a resource.

I had the motivation and the tools (resume, cover letter) and accounts on job sites – LinkedIn, Indeed.com, etc. But I felt that was not enough. After doing a careful study I decided that I needed to track what I was doing. In that way, I can keep myself accountable, and also gauge the lessons learned in the process.

I created an Excel Spreadsheet for Job-Hunting, and I tracked everything in that document.

  • Company Applied For
  • Position Applied For
  • Date Applied
  • Application Rejected – Yes/No
  • Phone Interviews
  • Interviews
  • Job Offers

The process of job-hunting at that time was emotionally draining, mentally difficult (I am sure you can relate) – it was hard to stay focused, but I decided to stick with the goal of getting a job offer. I used the spreadsheet each time I made progress.

data sheet filled with computations besidea calculator and a pen

I logged in each application, the date I applied, the name of the recruiter/hiring manager, the date I heard back from them, my interview dates, etc.

The end result?

I did not get a job in 1 month as I planned.

I got it in 45 days. I missed my target date but I still accomplished the target. I became gainfully employed. Mission Accomplished!!

I am pretty confident it was the data – the tracking and the spreadsheet that kept me focused.

The Stats at the End of the Process

  • Positions Applied for   107
  • Companies Interviewed with 11
  • Interviews (Phone/Onsite) 24 (Some roles required multiple rounds)
  • Job Offers  1

I negotiated the offer and I accepted it. I was happy with the end result. Within 2 weeks I started a new role, which has been pivotal in my current career. Had I not accepted that job offer – I would not have been in the current role I am today.

After that process, my confidence soared. I knew that if I am ever in a situation I need to get a job- I can do it. I have proven to myself that it is possible. It is a liberating feeling to know that if I was ever in a similar situation before, I will be able to win a job offer.

And I would give most of the credit to that excel spreadsheet.

So what does this mean to you? My goal was to motivate you, I wanted to let you know that it is not impossible to find gainful employment.

In another article, I wrote about the Mindset you need before applying for a job. Once you get your mindset right, and you have a well crafted-resume – then just trust the process and stick with it.

As I mentioned before, it won’t be easy but you will reach your goal. Join the ranks of the 95% who are employed.

Creating a spreadsheet is not that difficult; I am sure there are even mobile apps out there that can allow you to do this.

If you track your actions, your progress – results will come.

Written By
Nissar Ahamed is the Founder & CEO of CareerMetis.com. He is also the host of The Career Insider Podcast.

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