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Love cars?

You’re probably wondering whether you can turn your passion into a full-blown career. Well, you can, and there are plenty of jobs available to car fanatics and petrol heads. It all depends on where you are in life, how old you are and what skills you possess. You also need to think about how long you can wait before you get a big payday.

Some of the options we’re going to present will lead to quick pay rises. Others can take a while to pick up speed. We’re looking at a few of these choices to see if any could be right for you.

1. Racing Car Driver

How about this for a career?

You’ll spend your working day on the track pushing cars to their limit as you go for gold. It’s every teen boy’s dream, and we bet you only have one question.

Where can I sign up? Well, unsurprisingly a race car driving job isn’t something that you just sign up for. You won’t find many ads for this job on career sites either. In fact, if you’re older than sixteen you might be out of look. The racing world is a lot like the fashion industry. Race car drivers, like models, are selected at a very early age. You might be lucky enough to find scouts out searching for drivers at go-karting rings. More likely though you’ll need to sign up for an event or a team.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll get anywhere on this career path. You have to be marketable for one thing. If you are not commercially, viable people won’t sponsor you as a driver.

Did you ever wonder why F-1 drivers are so good looking? This is the reason and the ones that aren’t, don’t tend to progress very far. We guarantee if Jenson Button didn’t have the right face, he wouldn’t have been chosen for Red Bull. You have to be willing to take risks too. Sponsors are always looking for people who draw in a crowd.

You can boost your odds of kicking recruited by promoting yourself. Blogging, posting videos, and staying active on social media are all sure to win your attention from sponsors.

The biggest benefit of this career path? Well, if you win and reach the top, you could make millions, and that’s no exaggeration. Don’t be fooled into thinking a few people want this dream, though. You’ll be up against hundreds of thousands of people after the exact same goal.

2. Car Reviewer

Who wouldn’t want to be a car reviewer?

Particularly when the Top Gear boys made it look so much fun. You have to remember, though; they weren’t really reviewing cars at all. That was a heavily scripted and staged show with very little car integrity. That said, it’s easier than ever to become a car reviewer these days. You just need to set up a channel on YouTube and start generating some buzz. Obviously, your main problem is going to be getting your hands on cars to review.

Test driving cars is the best way to do this. You’ll be able to drive the car and give your real impressions. You can just take a little cam with you to record all your thoughts while you’re driving. Easy, simple, and sure to attract at least some attention. As long as you have a style and flair, that appeals to an audience, that is.

Alternatively, you may want to head to university and study journalism. After that, you can apply to car mags and websites. If you have some knowledge and a great voice, you might just win the opportunity of writing about cars. Of course, this won’t be for everyone. Don’t forget, though, this type of opportunity could lead to driving cars for a living. It’s how Jeremy Clarkson got started.

3. Mechanic

More interested in how a car runs rather than racing it around a track?

It sounds like you’re suited to be a mechanic. You’ll be able to tamper and tinker with cars all day, getting your hands dirty. If that sounds like fun, there are a few ways you can get started. If you’re still young, you can open a repair shop from your garage.

Advertise around town and you’re sure to pick up interest from owners who want cheap repairs. Once you start to build a customer base, you can think about taking out a loan and expanding.

You will need a loan because a setup like this doesn’t come cheap. You’ll have to buy equipment such as a welder. You can find a Lincoln’s tig welder for sale online. This will be useful for any bodywork jobs. Getting a loan will be a lot easier if you can show that there is a demand for your services.

If you don’t want to set up the business yourself, you might be able to get an apprenticeship. Here, you can learn the skills and knowledge behind car mechanics work. You can use this knowledge, once you have more confidence in yourself.

Remember, once you have the skills of a mechanic you can work in any industry. You could even work on the other side of motorsports, getting the incredible cars ready for the track. It’s a lot easier to get a position doing this than actually driving the supercars in the race. It all depends on what you want from your car career.

4. Driving and Delivering

Finally, those lacking in motivation and determination can still have a fun driving career. They can drive cars on deliveries. Couriering is a great idea for this type of job because you can use your own vehicle. You’ll spend your workdays on the road, day and night.

Another option is to become an Uber Driver. Even though there are a few cities/countries ride-sharing companies – the trend is not going away. In fact, more and more people will continue to use the service. As a result, there will always be a demand for Uber Drivers.

At certain points, it might get quite tedious and tiring. However, we think the times when you have a deserted motorway all to yourself will make the worst parts worth it. All jobs have ups and downs. This career of working with cars is no different, and a big petrolhead could have a lot of fun.


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