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Sarah Landrum is a freelance writer and the founder of Punched Clocks, where she shares advice on achieving career happiness and success.


Roy Osing Roy Osing is a former President and CMO with over 33 years of leadership experience covering all the major business functions including business strategy, marketing, sales, customer service and people development. He is a blogger, content marketer, educator, coach, adviser and the author of the book series Be Different or Be Dead.


Nate VickeryNate Vickery is a business consultant from Sydney, Australia. His fields of expertise are company management and efficient work environment through latest technology trends, as well as internet marketing. He is also an editor in chief at bizzmarkblog.com.


Andrew FennellAndrew Fennell is an experienced recruiter, founder of London CV writing service StandOut CV and author of The Ultimate CV



Mohammad FarooqMohammad Farooq works as a Social Media Analyst. When not doing anything related to Social media or Analytics, he goes backpacking around India. He regularly blogs about Travel, Movies, Political Issues and a lot of other things on his blog ReveringThoughts.


AJ EarleyAJ Earley is a small business owner, chef, and freelance writer from Idaho. She has shifted careers several times in her life and enjoys helping others navigate the world of career change. She also loves traveling, especially when she can bring along her cat Buddha.


Vikas AgarwalVikas Agrawal is a start-up Investor and co-founder of the Infographic design agency Infobrandz that offers creative visual content solutions to medium to large companies. Content created by Infobrandz are loved, shared and can be found on very popular sites like Forbes, HuffingtonPost, BusinessInsider, Elitedaily and many others.


 Valerie Jocums loves the sun, her Australian Shepherd dog, and her husband. When she isn’t mountain biking, practicing her public speaking skills, or reading, she is writing about everything she has learned. You can also connect with her on Twitter.


WRITE FOR US Alexander Alison is an online content writer that focuses on employment in Cebu and to the Top Cities in the Philippines. His partnership with CebuJobs.PH helps him excel on the niche he loves. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.



Daphne Stanford is a DJ for Radio Boise. She writes poetry, nonfiction, and lyric essays. Other ways she enjoys spending her time include hiking, piano, singing at inappropriate times, and good conversation with friends & family. Follow her on Twitter or Facebook


Mayur Mistry is a freelance copywriter and blogger from Manchester, UK. He regularly contributes for The Learning Station, an online training provider, where he writes about careers advice, study tips and industry related content, in particularly the construction sector and health and social care.



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