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For Episode 107 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will learn about: 

A Day in the Life of a Legal & Law Enforcement Transcriptionist from our guest Erin Derr.

#107 - A Day in the Life of a Legal and Law Enforcement Transcriptionist - Erin Derr

Guest Introduction – Erin Derr

Erin Derr works as a Legal and Law Enforcement transcriptionist.

After growing to despise her customer service job, she found a site full of work from home jobs that she tried and eventually found transcribing, which allowed her to be home with her family, and work doing something she truly enjoyed.

Episode Summary 

1. Erin describes what being a transcriptionist looks like on a day to day basis, and how the flexible hours are a perk she appreciates.

2. Erin shares how some transcriptionist work within offices, but a lot of them work remotely from home.

3. Erin explains some of the challenges that come with the job, including long interviews and bad audio quality, as well as a few examples of the more stressful projects she’s taken on.

4. Erin also clarifies that not all projects are like these specific ones, but that they definitely stand out among the more challenging things she’s done as a transcriptionist.

5. Erin gives us an inside look at how to get start in transcription, and whether or not certification is necessary.

6. Erin gives a few resources (listed below) for people who are looking to get started, and talks about what a potential career path could look like.


“I just started resenting always having to be away from my family to go to a job I hated”

“The flexible hours and everything are obviously a great big plus!”

“That’s really the biggest thing is make sure you don’t fall for a scam”

“As long as you’re good at the job you don’t need to have any special degrees”

“The only way to become a good transcriptionist is to just go ahead and start”


To learn more about Erin Derr, you can also connect with her on LinkedIn . 

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